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 Jason Bell

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PostSubject: Jason Bell   Thu Dec 26, 2013 2:38 pm

Profile: Bell, Jason Meridian, 37. An educated man who spends his time making ships in a bottle. And running his Ammu-Nation. He has 2 girls Helen, 3, and Alex, 4, and a wife, Jessica Ann Crusoe 35. Born and raised in Blaine County, Bell Graduated from Grapeseed Highschool with a 3.5 average. We believe it is around this time he picked up his drug habit, marijuana. He then moved on to Los Santos University where he majored in buisness, minored in criminal study and met Crusoe. Bell is on this watchlist for some odd activity through phone calls. Just some key words and whatnot. But nonetheless we have a minor suspicion on black market deals with him though.
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Jason Bell
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