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 Jason Roberts

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PostSubject: Jason Roberts   Wed Dec 25, 2013 3:51 am

Name: Jason Roberts
Age: 32
Job: Sheriff

Bio: I am Jason Roberts, when I was a young boy I always knew I would go into law. I had no idea when I was young what though, like if I should be a policeman, lawyer, or even a judge. I have always liked guns, when I was a boy, my dad brought me to the gun range often and we shot a few rounds there. I also learned to respect others and learned rules sometimes need to be bent for the greater good. I hate scum and Los Santos is full of it, my hero FIB agent Steve Haines is a big inspiration along with Dave Norton who can clean up crime faster than you could say "its the fuzz." I went to law school to become a judge and I did. After a year or two I went back to law school, I don't know why I did, but it seemed like the right thing to do. Being a judge taught me lessons that I felt would be better used if I was a cop. So at the age of 25 I became a patrolman. Since I was the best on the squad, I was promoted. When the sheriff decided to retire, it wasn't a hard choice to decide who should take his place. When I was 30 I became the sheriff of Los Santos. Though I do not have jurisdiction in Blaine County, I sometimes have no problem going in and taking the law into my own hands. I do this sometimes, but not often. I will only do it if there is something life changing going on. My partner is Officer Slank and we are about to change the state of San Andreas.
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Jason Roberts
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