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 Craig Bailey, "The Avenger"

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PostSubject: Craig Bailey, "The Avenger"   Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:07 pm

AGE: 27
Birthplace: NEW YORK CITY, NY

Craig Miles Bailey backstory isn't very good at all. Since age 10, his parents was murdered in a home invasion by a robber. He lived with his uncle for the time being. His uncle was Crime investigator who found out who the suspect was. So he helped Craig to be a skilled shot, athlete, and hunter. 10 years later, he was old enough to go out and seek revenge. Craig later on found the murderer in the hospital being treated of a leg injury and he charged at him and shot both of his knee caps and then a bowie knife to the eye. The last words that came out the victim was "You...Bastard" NYPD  arreseted Craig and sentenced him 20 years. His uncle eventually broke his nephew out of jail and flew to Los Santos to live and start anew.Craiig eventually knew that he needed to make a living in Los Santos, so he decided to participate in the street races they host every now and then. He is willing to do anything to make money to survive in Los Santos.
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Craig Bailey, "The Avenger"
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