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 A Culdesac Legend

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culdesac legend

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PostSubject: A Culdesac Legend   Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:53 pm

Meet Rugby Calhoun, one of the most successful marijuana traffickers in Vice City History. He started his empire in Liberty City in the Shoreside Vale section of the city and in no time his name was ringing bells from the Red Light districts in Portland to Staunton Island. All before the age of 18. At 19 took his talents to Ocean Beach where he lived in the Starfish Island section of Vice City where he was known to throw some of the wildest parties in Vice City history. He was also rumored to have created his own strains of marijuana and was well known for "giving bales away" to everyday people he would met in the streets. Thumbing his nose at the police was a favorite pastime for him with his extremely obvious smuggling operation he ran from Escobar International Airport. Known to be a very cool and laid back stoner type of guy, he was loved but also feared. He was associated with the Haitians and the Cubans and was rumored to have top enforcers from these gangs on his payroll as well as close ties with both the Forelli Family and the Vercetti Gang. At the age of 21 he was involved in the fatal shooting of 3 FIB undercover agents when a deal between Calhoun and members of the Vice City Bikers went bad. He then fled Vice City and was reported to have briefly relocated to Las Venturas where he upon arrival purchased half the famous baseball team, the Las Venturas Bandits. Already having close ties to The Forelli Family he made lucrative connections with both the Leone and Sindacco families which only made his legend grow bigger. At 25 the FIB finally caught up with Calhoun apprehending him at his Caligula's Palace penthouse. He was charged in the murders of the three FIB agents in Vice City but was later acquitted of the murders but was charged with possession and was sentenced to 5 years. He did 4 years and was recently released and is rumored to be in the Los Santos area.
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A Culdesac Legend
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