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 Drew McAllen, "The Dreadnought"

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PostSubject: Drew McAllen, "The Dreadnought"   Wed Dec 25, 2013 6:33 pm

Drew McAllen; the first three words to describe him are "greatly wasted potential." His academics are phenominal, his athletic capabilities exceptional, but he had a well-written criminal record by fifteen. With no colleges desiring this destined criminal, he turned to the military. After a tour in the middle east, he was discharged for violating the code of conduct multpile times. Though, his records were not left hidden; he was soon picked up by Merryweather. Working his way through the rankings, he became a well-known figure, his pay showing it. At twenty seven, he brought a team to stop a heist on the Union Bank. After eliminating the suspects, his team turned on him. Left for dead, he watched them drive off with the money. Since then, he left Merryweather, joining the private company, STAR.

Occupation: Mercenary at STAR
Rank: Captain
Factors: Veteran, Designated Marksman, Enduring, Stealthy, Adaptable, Fearless, Remorseless.
Known Issues (Physical): N/A
Known Issues (Mental): Possible PTSD
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Drew McAllen, "The Dreadnought"
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