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 Admin & Roleplayer Rules

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PostSubject: Admin & Roleplayer Rules   Wed Dec 25, 2013 4:05 am

Admins will not be treated any better than the average joe. Admins, you will get nothing more than the average role-player. If you wish to become an admin you must contact me The Warheroes. Every Roleplayer must realize though, that the admins say is final. If you don't think a death should count then contact an admin.

If you think that an admin is being abusive or unfair then please again, contact me.

The Roleplayer is expected to have and updated bank account based on their job and what they have bought along with a character background.IF you do not have these then you may not join the roleplay until you make one or update.The roleplayer is not special and can be replaced so don't act up during role-play. The admins purpose is to give enjoyment and entertain the rper whether it be by doing something ridiculous or funny.

Follow all the rules and it is guaranteed to have a great time.
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Admin & Roleplayer Rules
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