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 Prices For Guns

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PostSubject: Prices For Guns   Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:06 pm

Pistol - $400
Combat Pistol- $800
AP Pistol- Not Allowed
Nightstick- $200
Knife- You Start With it
Parachute- $450
Micro SMG- Minimum Price is $1,000 Black Market
SMG- $1,500
Assault SMG- $6,000
Pump Shotgun- $700
Assault Shotgun- Not Allowed
AK-47- $2,500
Carbine- $4,000
Advanced Rifle- $4,500
Sniper Rifle- $7,600
Heavy Sniper- Not Allowed
MG- Black Market
RPG- Black Market Only 1 Shot Allowed
Grenade Launcher- Not Allowed
Minigun- Heck No
Sawed Off Shotgun- Minimum $1,000 Black Market
SNS Pistol- Need Concealed Carry License- $300
Tear Gas- Minimum $500- Black Market
Grenades- Black Market - $700
C4- Black Market- Minimum- $2,000
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Prices For Guns
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