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 Example For New Roleplayers.

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PostSubject: Example For New Roleplayers.    Mon Dec 23, 2013 5:06 am

Name: Mark Merryweather
Age: 57
Job: Business Owner

Bio: I am Mark Merryweather, I assume you have heard of my multi-billion dollar company. I was born in ohio, as a young child I learned to read and write. I was the smartest in my class throughout my college career . I started my business when I was 27, I thought since I am so good at shooting and being a mercenary, I started my own business to do what I love the most. Now I live in a nice apartment, it is in downtown los santos. I love long walks through the park and money. I hate thugs and welfare. I hope my journey through life doesnt last too much longer, I do hate people so much. I grow weary of this pathetic planet and wish to liveout the remainder of my days in solitude.

Copy this format for your own character, list your name, age, job, and a litle about your life. It must be at least a paragraph long to insure immersion.
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Example For New Roleplayers.
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