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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Sat May 11, 2013 2:40 pm

1. Exempt for admins you may not have more than 1 Character

2. Above all be respectful to everyone in this community.

3. Upon entering role-play you must not

4. All players will start off with a predetermined amount of money. The sum is based on the economic status of the player. As of now each player has an apartment, 2 lives, a free starting car that cannot be found on legendary Motorsport, a knife, and $2,000

5. No Apartment hiding, this also comes around to be no camping outside of the apartments too.

6. No groups of roleplayers or gangs will be greater than 4.

7. If a character loses a life, they must go to the hospital. Each life cost 10,000$.

8. Players are responsible for keeping up with there own earnings on the website anyone
who tries to cheat, there banks deleted and must start over . Failure to update banks and bios and character
sheets will result in no roleplay for that person untill they complete this task.

9. After a character dies the player must then make a new character with no similaities
to his/her last character.(example)if you are a bankrobber your next character must
be nice or neutral.

10. You may not use a sports or super car upon joining, you want one you must buy it through admins. Talk to The Warheroes about purchasing cars or guns.

11. No meta gaming. This means no use of outside info of roleplay(this encludes but is
not limited to)No looking at the map , no holding down on the d-pad, no using notifications
and no.

12. To handcuff you must punch someone and say "Handcuffed no weapons" if you do not say "no weapons" they can break out. You must though have bought handcuffs in the first place.

13. Cars will be the same price as they are on the game, but you must record your buyings every role-play. Your starting car is free, but it cannot be a high end car. This means it must not be found on legendary motor sport website.

14. In order to get a black market weapon, you must find an arms dealer who will sell it at an expensive price.

15. You may carry only 3 weapons at any time. This will be 1 pistol, 1 primary, and 1 melee weapons. Grenades and other black market throwables, you can only have 10 at any time of 1 type of throwable.

16. If you are the driver of a car and are in a chase then you cannot shoot from the drivers seat, while driving. You may shoot if you use a pistol from the passenger seat.

17. Death rules are when you die you must go back to your death spot, when you get there you must try to get to the hospital. To get out of the hospital you must wait at least 10 minutes. When you come out you will have 1 life left and can purchase another one for $10,000.

18. If you want to buy a gun, then you must have a gun license to buy one. To get one, you must go to the police office and talk to a police man about one. Unless of course you get a black market weapon. To get a black market weapon you must talk to a gun shop clerk.
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Basic Rules
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